Beth Droppleman Art

Pricing & Commissions

Take home one of Beth's creations today.


How much does a painting on this site cost?

Pricing is based on canvas size, paint/materials used, and making time, i.e., level of difficulty. Sample sizes and prices:

  • Small sizes (12×16 and under): $75-$150
  • Medium sizes: (20×20, 24×18), 24×12) $175-$550
  • Large sizes (36×24, 36×36, 48×36) $650-$1200

Call or email me with the name of the piece. I will respond promptly with an exact price. Please note framing (if desired) and shipping are extra. If you live near Augusta, come visit my studio!



How does the commission process work?

I want you to love the work I make for you and I will work until I love it too. I won’t deliver a piece to you unless we both love it.

Pricing is based on canvas size, paint/materials used, making time and special requests. Prices may differ slightly from the above, depending on your preferences.

No payment is required until the work is finished. I don’t ask for a deposit.

At the outset, I will give you a time frame and do my best to honor it. That said, in art as in life, things don’t always go as planned. You will receive photo updates as the painting progresses.

If you live close by, you may pick up the painting, hang it in your space, and live with it for a few days. Payment is due before you take the painting, but I will refund your payment if you return it in the same condition you received it within 7 days.


Questions to Consider

All art is inspired by other art. Showing me what you love will prime me to create the kind of original artwork you will love. I will aim to create a piece with the color palette, dimensions, style and emotional feelings that speak to you.

Good art, like home decor, attempts to communicate a feeling. What mood do you want your piece to convey? I will intentionally focus on this feeling as I make your painting. This sounds a bit strange, but intentions enhance the final art. It carries a special something that computer generated (AI) images cannot. 

Email a couple photos, descriptions, and how you use the space. Those help me understand how you live and what you love. What color are the walls and decor? Is the space casual or formal? A couple photos of where you might like to hang the piece can be helpful. Do you need a specific size? A duo or trio of pieces? What else do you want me to consider?

My techniques are not always perfectly reproducible. But, if you are seeking a piece that nobody else has, then you are in the right place.