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Under Water,
Shifting Sands

Journey through the phases of a woman and the seaside.

Maritime Pines 2

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Take a journey down the southeastern coastline with Beth’s recent works.

Gilded with Age

Swimming Spat

My Story

Beth Droppleman is currently a student of Fine Arts at Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia. Painting has been a passion for years, but now she is expanding her horizons with humbling new artistic avenues like sculpture and computer-assisted design.

As a former French professor, Beth has taught courses on the intersection of art and literature. French Feminist writing/ethics was the topic of her dissertation. Equality of all human beings is an issue near and dear to her heart. She believes ecology and equality are inextricably linked. Her mission is to raise awareness of the importance of tidal marshes, the challenges facing them and the role of tiny but mighty organisms play in balancing our ecosystem.

Beth’s art practice is grounded in Paul Klee’s idea that art shouldn’t reproduce what we see but it should help us see. Most of her pieces are abstractions based on natural phenomena that offer a view different from everyday perceptions.

“Equality and ecology are inextricably linked.”

Beth Droppleman


Scale armor is one of the oldest technologies, dating as far back as 1400 BC. No known armor for females has been found. But surely female warriors have existed since the beginning of time? This piece reimagines scale armor, forged to fit a woman and created differently. Instead of leather or metal, this armor uses castaway oyster shells. What do these shapes bring to mind? Although weathered and worn, the shells are as sturdy as concrete. Each one’s unique beauty derives from the process that gives it strength. Iridescence is secreted when a threat enters the shell. Adversity grows a shiny, smooth surface capable of sheltering life and occasionally, a pearl. The oyster stands as firmly as those who identify as women, in the silt of the middle ground of tidal creeks, between earth and ocean, uncontemplated, even by those who decide its fate. The middle ground’s sands are constantly shifting, presenting hard questions without easy answers. What shall we do?

Lake City Artfields Collective

April 19 – 29, 2023 in Lake City, S.C.

Treasures Unveiled Collection:

Where Layers Tell Our Stories​

Embark on a captivating journey with this 2 part collection featuring the underwater series and shifting sands series. These collections take you on a journey to the enchanting southeastern coast, where Beth masterfully crafts pieces that serve as profound testaments to the stages we ardently embrace, the defining events that leave their indelible marks, and the exquisite layers that intricately shape our unique voyage as women. Much like the alluring oysters gracing our shores, we, too, collect stories with each new layer gracefully interwoven into the fabric of our existence. Join us as we celebrate the artistry of life’s evolution in every delicate stroke and captivating hue.

Treasures Unveiled Collection:

Under Water

Explore the tapestry of the southeastern coastal regions. These creations echo nature’s textures, flows, and patinas – a mirror of the world’s untamed beauty. These works, elevate the commonplace, revealing the intricate beauty within oyster shells, the fluid grace of undulating waters, the rugged charm of pine tree bark, and the delicate dance of spartina grass.

Treasures Unveiled Collection:

Shifting Sands

This collection goes beyond the surface, an exploration of techniques that mimic nature’s own enchantment. As you linger before our mesmerizing creations, you invite a meditative connection with the mysteries of the natural world. Each stroke is an invitation to grasp the unseen, to honor the beauty of life’s intricate patterns.